Locomotives which I have available for use on Tredethy Wharf.

Being relatively new to the hobby and P4, I'm slowly building a collection of Locomotives. There are a couple of 08 Diesel Shunters patiently waiting to be converted to P4 also an 03 Diesel Shunter with a High Level chassis to be constructed. When ready these locos will be more appropriate motive power for the layout than those I currently run.

57xx 5706


GWR 57xx - Mainline body on a Comet chassis, this was an early purchase to enable me to test Tredethy Wharf's track.
This locomotive is destined for a future GWR Branch Line Terminus layout.

45xx 4409


GWR 44xx - Malcom Michell kit
Unfortunately I cannot claim to have built this loco. Though it is very nice it is another loco that is totally inappropriate for the layout and as the above 57XX is destined for use on a future GWR Branch Line Terminus layout.

57xx 4666


GWR 8750 - Bachmann loco converted to P4 using an Ultrascale drop in wheel set
Again an inappropriate loco for the layout, It's still requiring brakegear refitting, sandbox levers and etched number plates fitting. Runs very nicely considering it is such a simple conversion to P4.
4666 was shedded at Wadebridge and had regular turns to Bodmin North during the early 1960s. This locomotive is destined to be used on my ambitious Grogley Junction project.

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