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If you would like to see how I'm getting on with this little test track, please browse my blog at Grogley Junction and I have applied the label filter to select entries for Tredethy Wharf on this link.
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Ian Johnson


Exhibition Managers

I would be very pleased to hear from any Exhibition Manager who would like to book Tredethy Wharf for a future show.

Initially this layout was being built solely as a test track but I've received a modicum of pressure from my local Scalefour group to make it available for exhibitions. This has resulted in a baseboard design that I would not have created if it had been designed as an exhibition layout from the outset. That said it is not too difficult to setup and dismantle by one person but two are preferred.

I've attended two local exhibitions with the layout. One as a "work in progress" and the second as a "just about" complete layout. Along with a little more work on the scenics I need to build a couple of more appropriate locos and increase my collection of rolling stock that might have been seen on the line.

Layout footprint: 14ft x 20 inches plus approximately 2 feet at the front for operator access and a minimum of 2.5 feet of space required at the rear.

Layout Footprint

The layout is currently operated from the front and will require a minimum of two operators for a one day show. I have two high stools which will be positioned in front at either end of the layout for operator comfort. One 13amp power supply will be required.

Exhibitions attended

Cleethorpes Model Railway Exhibition 2013

First exhibition where it was displayed as a 'work in progress' with mainly borrowed rolling stock supplied by Scalefour members.

Lincoln Model Railway Exhibition 2017

First exhibition where the layout could be thought of as 'just about' complete.

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